Resurrected Expensive Animation Software!

Resurrected Software

Anyone who is into hand drawn animation … well … me and 3 other people … know that the top of the line software for this is expensive. EXPENSIVE.

Back in 2008 I was working full time at a “real” (?) job and had money to spend and I spent it on an animation software from France called TVPaint. Yes! – It came ALL THE WAY FROM FRANCE!!

“Why did you buy it?” The reader asked.

I met a very kind man named Paul Fierlinger, whom I’d begun to communicate with in an animation chatroom (by “communicate” I mean I pestered him with questions non-stop and he was very patient and tolerant in answering them) – he is an absolute genius, award winning animator – here’s a sample of his work-

Both Paul and his wife Sandra, who does all the color work on their animated films, were very generous with their time, support and what mentoring they could offer. I loved their films so much I asked them to tell me what software they used and it was TVPaint – so I ordered a full commercial license edition for myself.

Alas, there I was, newly armed with the software, still I was not ready to take the plunge into 2D animation – my attention at the time was stolen by the promise of Real Time 3D Animation – and off I went in that direction. I put the software on the shelf and there it stayed.

Cut to November 2018 –

I have an idea for a short film that would require this hand drawn “look” – so I tried installing the software. Now first of all, when you buy “serious software” you don’t just get the software – you get a “DONGLE” (get your mind out of the gutter, Gladys) It is a small USB drive that contains an encrypted security code without which the software will not run. Well, try as I may – Windows 10 refused to read my DONGLE. So I, rather sheepishly, reached out to tech support over in France and low and behold, after a few days of email exchanges, trial, error and some swearing (pardon my French – HA HA!) WE GOT MY 2008 SOFTWARE TO WORK IN 2018!!!

Resurected TVPaint


And Best of all – $$$ VIVA LA COST SAVING!!!

If you are interested – here’s where you can find the software:

Prized Possesions

(Above) Two of my prized possessions – Paul and Sandra’s film, “Still Life With Animated Dogs” – which included a personal note from Sandra encouraging me in my endeavors as an animator and artist.

And if you like hand drawn 2D animation too – please check-out Paul and Sandra’s Films-

My Dog Tulip (Full Film) 

Until next time …