Creations I’ve Yet to Make

I’ve spent the last couple years, since finally being free to work as a full time artist, trying to create “mainstream acceptable images and content” and hoping it would be popular. Hoping that someone would look at it, like it, even buy it maybe.  But not many have and the fact is I’m beginning to feel more and more trapped in both my thinking and my studio when I sit down to work.

Title 1

In seeking popularity for my work I’ve veered very far from my own artistic vision and emotional center. I’ve drifted very far away from what I want to see because I’ve been so busy making things I think YOU want to see.

I’ve tested this thoroughly on Social Media – people prefer happy little images with no subtext or ulterior message. I get it. But guess what? That’s not what I feel like making all the time.

apple tree at sunset

Lately I’ve begun playing with more and more ideas outside the realms of “mainstream” and “acceptable” –

Jane Has a Bad Day

I’m not here to make Hallmark cards every day. I’m not here to win popularity contests or your approval. I’m here to create my visions – to bring idea into form. And sometimes those visions are satirical, dark and disturbing.

C is for Cameron online preview

Thus, I have taken a cue from someone very close to me – my alter ego – who learned this lesson a few years ago while building virtual motorcycles –


Until next time …