Goodbye YouTube – Hello Vimeo

Addendum November 12, 2018 – Google’s response to THIS POST was to ban it from my Google+ Account – claiming it contained “hate speech” – this pretty much tells you ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about Google and their agenda. Anyone that speaks out about them or criticizes them are effectively silenced on their platform.

A few weeks ago I was personally attacked through IM’s on my YouTube channel by a self-described Neo-Nazi who ran a channel which featured videos with titles like- “Kill the Jews”, “Kill the Fags”, and “White Power” just to name a few. I reported him and his channel. I never heard back from YouTube.

This encounter shook me to my core. First of all because I had no idea these things were allowed to exist on YouTube and secondly, that this man attacked me with a sense of complete impunity. He KNEW he could get away with it.

In the wake of the #magabomber this past week and this mornings murders of 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue by a man shouting “Kill All Jews.” I was particularly struck by the news reporting that BOTH of these men had multiple social media accounts where they espoused their agendas of hate freely and openly, unabated for years. Unchallenged and unchecked. In fact a woman DID report the #magabomber 2 weeks ago when he sent her a death threat on Twitter and THEY DID NOTHING ABOUT IT.

Thus tonight I spent a little time looking into the Neo-Nazi population on YouTube and what I discovered made me feel sick to my stomach and very uncomfortable. There are several channels right out in the open. One channel I found has over 3,400 subscribers! And if the videos themselves aren’t repulsive enough – the comments by the subscribers and followers are.

I have family members who are Jewish. I, myself,  am part of a minority community being targeted by the current administration’s White Nationalist agenda. So I knew I had to make a decision.

I decided to migrate all my video content from YouTube over to Vimeo. An added plus is that Vimeo has NO ANNOYING ADVERTISING and it’s audiences are much more mature and intelligent.

My studio already had a Vimeo account for several years – but I chose to go with YouTube because I thought it was more “hip” and “modern” and “trendy” – well you know what? They can keep all that shit – because there is nothing “hip, modern or trendy”  about sharing a video platform with Neo-Nazis.

motherboard YT Nazi

Excerpt from the Motherboard article: 

Examples of neo-Nazi videos on YouTube include:

  • A video celebrating the one year anniversary of neo-Nazi website Iron March says “Gas the K***s, race war now!,” and has been left online since 2012.
  • A “call to action” from the Nordic Resistance Movement, an established neo-Nazi group in Sweden, Finland, and Norway, which Finland has moved to outlaw. The video includes narration from the late Robert Jay Mathews, an American neo-Nazi, and plans “total Aryan victory,” after breaking “the chains of Jewish thought,” and adds they will go “high above the mud of yellow, black and brown,” coupled with images of punching a person of color.
  • A UK anti-refugee protest and speech, which includes a participant holding a flag from National Action, a neo-Nazi group the UK government banned as a terrorist organization last year. Other videos also include National Action banners.
  • Several exact copies of Atomwaffen videos, including a clip calling for a “white revolution,” one showing Atomwaffen supporters distributing propaganda posters around a US university, and several encouraging viewers to join local neo-Nazi groups. These were uploaded on the same day YouTube banned the original Atomwaffen channel in February.