Invoking My Rights

In this “Reality TV Show” world we find ourselves presently trapped in it is not surprising that someone would, rather than create their OWN content or body of work, attempt to draw attention to themselves or their YouTube channel by posting malicious inferences and insinuations about the actual accomplishments of others.

Today I discovered someone trying to do that to me. Their video had been up for 3 months and viewed 89 times by the time I discovered it – thanks in part to “Google Alerts” which obviously do not work as advertised.

As a professional creator, I make sure all my work is protected by copyright – and until today I have NEVER had to invoke the power that copyrights afford me. But I did just that and I was successful. Thus, a defamatory 3rd party video which featured my creative work product was immediately taken down from YouTube.

And it felt really satisfying.

It felt satisfying to say (paraphrasing), “You don’t get to do this to me because I have rights and you are violating them and there are certain legal repercussions for doing that.” And actually have that HEARD AND HEEDED.


If only this concept worked in the world of big money corporate-owned politics  – if only it worked for drunken prep school rapist Supreme Court nominees and so-called “Presidents” whose battle cry is, “Grab em by the Pussy.”

But no, it doesn’t work at that level.

Until next time …



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