Playing with Ideas

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tree head

I had this image in my mind and quickly comped it in Photoshop.  Unfortunately the tree actually belongs to a Slovakian Artist named Vladimir Ceresnak. He released the image to use on Royalty Free Image sites – BUT – to license it commercially for re-sales would cost $800.00 – so I won’t be doing that.

But that’s the whole point of “comping” ideas.  The comps work as a conceptional basis for MY original work to follow.

I am tempted to photograph my latest WIP on the Illuminated Animals series – but this one is so amazing – I’m going to wait for the final reveal!

This exercise has revealed to me that I really don’t know HOW to be an artist. I have all the mechanical skills – but the fact is I spent my entire life NOT being an artist. So I fantasized about it, that’s all. I have no idea HOW to be an artist, how to deal with inspiration, how to play with ideas, how to be open to all that is.  I am clueless.

This has been a very insightful day.