Why I Won’t do Work-In-Progress Videos

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Drawing Table

I have given this a lot of thought and consideration.

I waited 62 years to be an artist, 44 of those years I worked in factories.

Art is not entertainment.

Art expands the spiritual and emotional horizons of those that view it. Art expands consciousness. Entertainment is a hollow container for meaninglessness time spent in in the void of engagement  searching for an emotional reaction, searching for SOMETHING to feel.

Art demands that we feel much deeper. I’m not aiming at your eyes – I’m aiming at your soul.

I don’t create art for you. I create art for me. And THAT is what I have been afraid to say all this time.

I will do WIP scans and photos. But not the immediacy of a video. That’s just way too personal for me. I may have never honored my work before – but I do now.