Life’s Rich Tapestry

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I’ve been busy matting and framing art for my new home.  As I work I’ve been listening to my library of collected mythology lectures by Joseph Campbell. And this morning I was struck by what a rich tapestry my life in retirement and fledgling art career has become.

Picture 28

This First one is a work by Edward Gorey – my soul mate.


Edward Gorey at home surrounded by books and cats.

Celestial Rabbit FramedCrow framed

These 2 are mine. I am really happy with how they turned out.

I do have a work in progress – a clockwork hummingbird –

Clockwork Hummingbird

My cousin asked if I had done a Rooster – so I created this one for her this morning –

rooster good morning I am keeping plenty busy and loving every moment of it!