Ignore the Crushing Perspective of the World Around You


While I work I listen to pod casts, YouTube vids and audio books. I find the sound of the human voice very comforting – sometimes more than music.  I especially like to listen to other artists talking about their art and the world around them.

Now that the Christmas cards are done I am turning my attention to a new idea I have had for awhile.  Mostly experimental, I am excited to venture into a different area. I am also very excited to be working at the drawing table again.

3 weeks ago I completely stopped watching, listening to or reading the news. I also stopped reading social media feeds. It has changed my life for the better. The act of stopping negative energy from bombarding my psyche has been very liberating.

“Ignore the crushing perspective of the world around you” – is paraphrased from a video made by an artist who has really been inspiring me – Peter Deligdisch – you can find his videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGtGTAa-xarr2HrEKRgRUHQ – or just Google “Peter Draws” and you’ll find him.

I’ll post my new work here as soon as I have something to share.