Art School WITHOUT Art School

be an artist

I decided to improve my skills by taking some online courses on Photoshop for digital painting.  I never went to “Art School” I attended college for my certificate degree in Interactive Media Design about 15 years ago.  That’s where I learned Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, etc.  But I never really approached these software programs as an “Artist” until many years later when I took Dylan Cole’s Matte Painting classes from The Gnomon Workshop.

So today I began Googleing Photoshop education videos on YouTube and really hit the Jack Pot.  I found 3 very interesting artists who have decided to share their art and experience – All three of them have YouTube Channels and Websites, are easily accessible and offer a TON of free information and tutorials. They also offer paid courses.

Noah Bradely

Chris Oatley

Will Terry

I’ve been listening to some of their conversations this evening and I am astounded.  For instance, I learned that the average DEBT of people graduating art school these days is around $100,000.00!

I’m guessing this is one of the reasons these 3 men decided to offer affordable art education – besides their drive for teaching others what they are passionate about.

So – I’m excited about this. Free training! Free knowledge! Free Advice!  In fact I’m so excited that it’s 11:30PM and I should be in bed asleep – but I’m here writing this post to share with you.

Until next time …