Virtual Creations


Wolfsongs FreeSpirts

Wolfsong’s Free Spirits in the Virtual World of Second Life

One avenue of creation that I have experienced much success with and fulfillment from is building virtual products and business. I now own 3 virtual businesses – a bar, a coffee shop  and I am just opening a vintage print shop.  I enjoy incorporating my real-world passions into these projects.

vape & grind coffee shop

Vape & Grind Coffee Shop in the Virtual World of Second Life

Currently I am creating ‘Vape Wear’ for the coffee shop – T-Shirts and caps for people who vape – in the virtual world – and like me, in the real world.

Vintage Vapet T-Shit

One of my new T-Shirt designs

Print Shop

The Print Shop

Although I do not make a great deal of money doing this – the rewards are more experiential and intangible than anything else.  I find I can express myself more completely, more authentically and more unencumbered in a virtual world which only adds to my experience of joy when creating art there.

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